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Mother’s day and Mermaids

5/13/2022 My sister decided to have a Mother's day lunch last Sunday. I was not sure if I wanted to go but my son convinced me to get out of the house for a little while. I beaded them some pins and made them a card. All inspired by this mermaid cabochon that I had.… Continue reading Mother’s day and Mermaids

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Memories: Part 6 – The final frontier, final showdown and last 54 days.

"...my strength has come from those moments when others tried to break me down and make me feel small or insignificant.  The military taught me how to get back up and keep moving forward."

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Knowing – poem by SE Allen

I know where you are, I was there too. No amount of “things”, take away the blue. Talking helps but only if you hear. It’s not the thoughts, the actions you fear. The road will be dark and long. You will struggle to find the dawn. Know this to be true. You will feel lost,… Continue reading Knowing – poem by SE Allen


Indigenous Peoples Day – October 11th, 2021

12:49 pm It was just a normal Friday morning. Drinking coffee, reading through programming articles, and preparing to do homework assignments. An alert popped up on my phone from one of the Instagram accounts I follow. I opened the app and then I saw a post about the President of the United States had just… Continue reading Indigenous Peoples Day – October 11th, 2021

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Early morning

Early morning by Suzanne Allen We brought you here 6 years ago.I was nervous to let you grow. You’ve had adventure and lots of fun.Under the hot Texas sun. College gave you perspective and taught you well.You grew tall as a person but my baby girl still. I am so proud of the person you… Continue reading Early morning

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May the 4th Be with You – A Journey of 40 years

**Repost - Originally posted May 4, 2017.   Happy May the 4th. Today is May 4th and someone somewhere wisely proclaimed this as the day to celebrate Star Wars and it has been that way since 2011 but being a longstanding Star Wars fan my celebration of these movies started  almost 40 years ago. It was… Continue reading May the 4th Be with You – A Journey of 40 years

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It’s not over…til it’s over

11/4/2020 As the saying goes “It’s not over until the lady sings.” She’s still warming up and about to start. Woke up this morning and the ballots are still being counted and the whole world is watching. Just seeing the numbers of those that voted again for our current chaotic leader was a let down.… Continue reading It’s not over…til it’s over

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Burden by Suzanne Allen

Felt positive, sure, and moving.Put on the mask of happiness.Always a burden. Opened heart bared not hardened.Thought people actually cared.Always a burden. Tears come easy and often.The quiet of being alone is deafening.Always a burden. Soul is tired of hurting.Just wanted a life to call my own.Always a burden. This wasn’t eden the garden.It was… Continue reading Burden by Suzanne Allen