Racism and Reparations

"...We are all citizens of this land, but we will never be truly equal until we demand it and support one another in obtaining it."

Burden by Suzanne Allen

Felt positive, sure, and moving.Put on the mask of happiness.Always a burden. Opened heart bared not hardened.Thought people actually cared.Always a burden. Tears come easy and often.The quiet of being alone is deafening.Always a burden. Soul is tired of hurting.Just wanted a life to call my own.Always a burden. This wasn’t eden the garden.It was … Continue reading Burden by Suzanne Allen

Autumn depression

"Fall time is usually the worst time of year for my depression. It starts in September and lasts until spring..."

Life of an Empty Nester

"This first year as a new empty nester wasn’t perfect and things didn’t go the way I expected but neither did the marriage or the life I had up until this point. "

Remembering 9/11/2001

September 11, 2020 It was an ordinary day for me. I got up, took my kids to school and day care. My husband went off to work. I went off to my college classes for that day. I was just finishing up my college algebra class that morning and heading to my macroeconomics class. As … Continue reading Remembering 9/11/2001

17 years, 28 months, 22 days

"I have...begun to realize that men don’t necessarily know what they want either despite this patriarchal society we live in...They... have developed the rules we live by but also fail by those same rules...always ...there is a balance between male and female that is a part of nature. We can’t get away from it and why would we? We are meant to balance one another not fight against it..."

Truth or Date – Dating communication

"...I told him how I felt and then I logged off my account to regroup and regain my composure. I went for a long walk and then spent that day mulling things over asking why it made me feel so bad?"

Monday thoughts

I’ve been contemplating a lot lately and considering what I want as far as a relationship goes. I realized that all the previous ones involved me giving all my time and energy into trying to make it work. It should have never been that way. Going forward the person that wants my attention will have … Continue reading Monday thoughts

The power of the written word: love.

"I questioned that God’s judgment on me was because I was born not from love, so I cannot be loved in return...because I was not born from love that I would never know what it is like to be loved."

Small milestones

August 16, 2020 Wow, a small milestone. 🤔😮💁🏽‍♀️🙂I have had this blog for many years and it has helped me so much. The ability to verbalize and communicate what I’m feeling is cathartic in this safe space. 200 posts over a 5 year period is approximately 3 posts a month on average. I was shooting … Continue reading Small milestones

Chance Encounters

"If I was only on that pathway for a brief walk with him then I will have to be happy with that...you can’t force a relationship...can’t make people stay with you. Life doesn’t work that way...find that happiness whenever or wherever you can."


July 5, 2020 Loss. 😔*Just got word of a very young relatives passing.*A parent should never have to endure the unimaginable pain of that loss. There isn’t even a word to describe it.*Things are not guaranteed in life.*We go through each day in a hurry when we should enjoy each moment.*Waking each morning to a … Continue reading Loss

Independence Day 2020

July 4th 2020 I woke up this morning with thoughts about what does The Declaration of Independence mean to me? Being a retired veteran who also happens to be a person of color. I am an indigenous person of the United States. Today being the Fourth of July and the celebration of this country’s Declaration … Continue reading Independence Day 2020

5 years

“A true leader knows how to talk to the people they want to lead...”

Voices in the dark

"The voices that have been crying in the dark for too long are finally being heard not only here but around the world."

49th Trip

"Approximately 17,885 days of living and breathing on this floating rock in the universe..."

Romantic Notions

"...emotional side that has believed and still believes in love, romance, and a soul mate."

Birds Chirping by SE Allen

Days seem bleak. Only been a few weeks. Early morning birds chirping. Feelings of sorrow. Sense of no tomorrow. Early morning birds chirping. Woke up today. Down mood go away. Early morning birds chirping. Time to make peace. Inner soul struggling and weak. Early morning birds chirping. Things will be okay. We’ve always got a … Continue reading Birds Chirping by SE Allen

The path less traveled.

March 16, 2020 It is a Monday. The last couple of weeks have seen a worldwide event that has stopped almost all nations and their daily lives.  Those affected number over 160,00 so far with a death toll of over 6,000.  The World Health Organization finally categorized it as a pandemic.  This means it is … Continue reading The path less traveled.

Alone in the Dark

By SE Allen Alone in the dark. Trying to be alright. Waiting for the light. Alone in the dark. Feelings of sadness. Tired of being like this. Alone in the dark. The place where I roam. Learn to be on your own. Alone in the dark. Thoughts swirl, get twisted. Feeling rejected. Alone in the … Continue reading Alone in the Dark

Searching for Joy

January 23, 2020 It’s almost the end of the first month of the New Year.  Time always seems to move so quickly. When I was kid and I was going through a lot in my young life I used to think that the year 2020 was so far away and that there would be no … Continue reading Searching for Joy

36 Inches of space

36 Inches of space by Suzanne Allen November 3, 2019 It’s the beginning of a new month. It’s been a few months since I last wrote anything significant about my life. The picture attached to this article is the 36 inches of space allocated to my personal belongings while I stay with my mother and … Continue reading 36 Inches of space


It’s October 1, 2019.  Yesterday, I finally closed another chapter in my life.  I moved out of the home we had for the last three years.  The home my ex-husband rented about 7 months before he passed away. I made a promise to my two youngest kids to stay in the house until they graduated … Continue reading Positivity


August 11, 2019 I started this post August 11th. Today is August 28th and so much has transpired in a short 17 days. It's hard to step back from the emotions and separate it into short, easy pieces to digest. I will try. I originally made a statement at the end of a post titled … Continue reading Momentum

Day 1 – Morning Pages

August 18, 2019 Hello. I woke up. I wasn't feeling that good. Thoughts about my ex-husband. I miss our Sunday mornings. That's in the past. Not to be revisited again. I went on to social media. Spent only a few minutes. Felt kind of bored. No text message this morning. Felt alone. Listened to my … Continue reading Day 1 – Morning Pages

Creating and expression of thought – Boosting creativity

August 18, 2019 I recently started this audio book called "168 Hours" by Laura Vauderkam. I was looking at my own hours of the day and how I spent it. The thoughts actually came up while I was binge watching another television series on a weeknight. Hours wasted to something that doesn't change anything for … Continue reading Creating and expression of thought – Boosting creativity

Others and Some

August 11, 2019 **I wrote this February 12th, 2018. Two days later the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida occurred. I never posted it. In light of recent events it still reflects the same feelings. The conversation and narrative that should be occurring. We as human beings have the inalienable rights … Continue reading Others and Some


August 11, 2019 I was still upset when I woke up Saturday morning. Sleep didn’t help the thoughts. I was having a good week until about 4 pm Friday. I don’t get it. I try to be this helpful, kind, good person to everyone I meet. I go to work and do the job I’m … Continue reading Growth