Today’s attempt: Soda Cakes

I recently saw on one of my Facebook feeds a recipe for a Dr.Pepper Chocolate cake and it sounded rather intriguing.  I had heard of Soda Cakes before but never actually attempted any. So I bought some cake mix and gave it a try today.  Oh by the way, I am still learning how to do scratch cakes so most of what I do is boxed mixes right now. I made a Orange Crush Cake and a Strawberry 7-Up cake.  They smelled awesome while they were baking.

IMG_0066[1]   IMG_0072[1]

They looked great once they were baked, very smooth and level tops but rather soft and crumbly.  My plan is to turn them into Halloween cake pops and sell them so I will have more pictures to follow.  Now to bake the Dr. Pepper Chocolate cake and just a regular spice cake to add to the cake pop flavor offerings.

Happy Tuesday!


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