To Cake or Not

So much for consistency.

I began what I thought would be a weekly habit to blog about all things sugar related in October of 2015 but life happens some times.  It is now 2016, April and 4 days away from my 45th birthday.  So many things have happened, heartbreak, job loss and the continuing spiraling out of control until the breaking point.

So, I’ve picked myself back up and began stumbling forward again. Managing the obstacles the best that I can with support from my children, few friends, few relatives and my therapist. The one thing that keeps the motivation going is my love for sugar art and cake decorating with the dream of one day having my own business still intact.   I did manage to do a couple of small sugar flowers during all the distress but they still need to be dusted and colored.  I made out a calendar of weekly sugar techniques that I wanted to work on but have yet to start any of it and now its more of a guideline.  I spent the last couple of days searching for inspiration on websites, in books and through digital content.

The passion and desire is still there now is the time to take it more seriously and see what I can do with it.  So here I go again.

Sugar Flowers