To Cake or Not

Update to Soda Cakes

Back sometime in October, I wrote about Soda Cakes and since it was Halloween I was going to make some cake pops and use the cakes that I baked that day. First, about 2 years ago or so,  I won Heavenly Cake Pop’s Cake Pop Roller at the  Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. I started entering competitions on an off over the last 3 years or so. They have either been live or online competitions. It has been a way to build up and learn new skills. I will be writing more about that later. Anyway,  I was having difficulty with the cake pop roller, its new to me and I just haven’t gotten the cake consistency down that is needed to use the product successfully. So I ended up rolling them by hand. I mentioned in the previous post about the soda cakes being really soft and actually made creating the cake pops kind of challenging. I also made a few pops with these huge campfire marshmallows I found at the local Wally World. It wasn’t my best work but here it is:

Halloween Cake Pops 1st Attempt

I’ve done cake pops before but this was also the first time I did them with almond bark that I colored with powdered food coloring.  I normally use  already colored Wilton candy melts or some really good chocolate. The almond bark made a nice coating but it was according to my kids hard to bite into and too sweet. So scratch using almond bark the next time. Now I know that I can color the almond bark with powdered food coloring so the next time I do covered pretzels we can add some color. It’s all about trial and error. 🙂