Competition: Against others and one’s own self.

Despite all the family activities and still dealing with grief, I did not let go of my plan to not only compete in the 2016 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show but to sign up as a volunteer. I also signed up for the class taught the following two days after the show. This was my third year to compete.

I initially had 4 design concepts in mind and entered 4 different categories but with all things being hectic in my life right now, it was narrowed down to one.

This is my Steampunk Cupcake Machine.


Whenever I enter this competition, it’s not necessarily to win but to find out what other leaders within this industry think about my concepts and work.  This was rather rushed and I knew it had flaws but it was better than not having an entry at all.  I always look forward to getting that comment card. 😀

The other reason I enter this particular competition is the prizes and goody bags we receive.  Being a cake decorator and sugar artist, we love our tools used to create the art pieces.   Everyone that enters gets a goody bag and if you place either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the category then you get additional prizes.  One of the founder’s of the show is none other than Kerry Vincent herself and she has a lot of sponsors that help make the show a success every year.  She is always willing to answer questions or take a pic if you ask, if she’s not in a rush.


The prizes. 😀


Another reason I attend is the opportunity to volunteer and see my other cake friends along the way that I met through the show.  They are an amazing & talented group of people.  Here’s my cake buddy from Texas, Janell.  We were hard at work behind the scenes.


The competition also has a class available to take with some pretty well known cake decorators, sugar artists or pastry chefs that enables you to learn from some of the best and continue to hone this craft.

This year’s class was taught by Joshua John Russell and Ashley Holt.  They were awesome and so helpful.  The class project was beautiful.


My cake class project.  It was easier than it looked and I was a little intimidated at first but I had a lot of fun, met some some great people and learned a lot.


All and all it was a fun time and I enjoyed every part of it.  I look forward to next year and hopefully will stick to my planning calendar to actually get 4 entries done in time.

Have a great week!