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Technology: Begin with Understanding


I was fortunate enough this past week to attend a free event sponsored by an organization in my town that promote both entrepreneurship and tech based growth within our community.

I was highly interested in the subject of learning coding because in a previous chapter in my life that was the field of work I had been pursuing.  Life happened and I let those thoughts get pushed to back of my thoughts over the years.

It wasn’t until recently during one of the conversations I was having with my eldest son that for some reason that subject came up.  He reminded me that all the reasons I stopped before no longer existed and that I wasn’t “too old” to keep building my skills.   He informed me that technology has no barriers and the only ones there are what we put up ourselves.  When did my child become smarter than me? 😀

He was right.  In my previous life I let the obstacles put before me by a male-dominated field prevent me from pursuing my passions and the things that I wanted to accomplish for not only myself but my family as well.

Fast forward 20 something years later and the now the push is to get not only more minorities within the tech fields but women as well.

In a weird coincidence, later that week I received an e-mail about that very subject informing me about the coding event for women.  So I signed up and went.

Technology is everywhere and only we can define how we use it.  Example this blog.  5 years ago the thought of having a blog would never crossed my mind.  Today, I’m in control of the content and look of the pages I created.  It has given me such a sense of independence and place for my voice to be heard.  A place for me to share my thoughts whether anyone is listening or not.  I feel connected to the world at large which became even smaller with advances in technology and development of social media.

All of this didn’t come together in my thought processes until the workshop and I’m sitting there learning to code with these other women who all had the same basic ideas of who they were and what they wanted to accomplish.   Capable, independent and seeking out new skills. These are the same traits that can be applied to anything that I pursue with a little planning, hard work and determination sprinkled in.

So one of the goals right now is to learn as much as possible, find new ways of doing things and not be intimidated by technology.  Embrace it and grow with it.  Hopefully as I go along I can find ways to incorporate it into the cake decorating and sugar art projects. We just have to wait and see.

So you, the reader, pursue the things that you always wondered about.  There’s a world of information out there at your fingertips.  You never know what you can accomplish until you try.

Have a good week!

Happy caking.