Tools and Gadgets

Tools or Gadgets, Practice makes Perfect

Tools or Gadgets, Practice makes Perfect– February 4, 2017

Tools and gadgets, we all have them.  Whether stored away in that shoe box or in some organized system that is color coded and labeled.  Others may have that one drawer in the kitchen or closet in the bedroom that holds it all.

If you’re a cake decorator or sugar artist you definitely have them.  Sometimes it takes over and if you’re like me, you love to find new ones.

The only question is “What do you do with it?”

Well I like to, when I have time, just play with my gadgets and turn them into tools.  What’s the difference?  Well as my sewing instructor told us “It’s a gadget if you never use it but once you learn how to it becomes a tool to create something great.”  I thought that was brilliant.  So I set out to start using or learning how to use my gadgets to create something great.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share what I have or will have learned on the way to my sugar art/cake decorating goals.  Practice, practice and more practice is always required when you want to become good at something.  In sugar art you never know what you can come up with until you try.

So today’s blog entry is testing the waters for not only adding video tutorials/information to this site but also testing out some of the new and old items I have currently.

I hope you enjoy the information.

Have a good week and happy caking!