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Opportunities to Learn – Days of Sharing

Days of Sharing – ICES (International Cake Exploration Societé)

I have found that some of the best ways to meet other cake & sugar art minded people is by attending a class in person.  Granted some classes are rather costly, especially if you have to factor in transportation, hotel, and food on top of the class fees.

So one of the ways I get some hands on training is through the ICES Days of Sharing (DOS) events from my local chapter here in Oklahoma.

You can attend as a member or non-member and almost every state has one plus there are international chapters worldwide too.

Here is the link to the ICES website so you can see if one is near you plus the site has some useful information.  ICES Website  If you become a member then you have some added information through their digital monthly newsletter or you can get it by mail also.

It is a really great way to meet not only people who are cake decorators or sugar artists but the people who give their time to teaching the classes are the best in the business.  You never know who will be there.

Here are a few pictures of the ones I have attended, the instructors we got to meet and some of the projects we created.

Spring DOS 2013 with Rosalynne Stockwell and Glenda Rogers

Rosalynne Rogers & Glenda Stockwell

Different ways to decorate the a half sphere cake


Practicing with airbrushing and textures

DOS cake

Great group of people!


Fall 2013 with Susan Carberry and Ruth Rickey

Santa Claus Fondant Figure

ICES Day of Sharing November 2013

Susan Carberry

Ruth Rickey

I took a short break for a while and came back in the Fall of 2016 to attend the Days of Sharing as now a member of ICES.

Fall 2016 with Suzy Zimmerman and Terry Castro

Fall 2016 DOS Suzi Zimmerman

Fondant figures, yes my reindeer was red and black.  I didn’t have enough fondant to make him brown, so I said he was a mischievous reindeer and push Santa into the snow. 😀

Fall 2016 DOS Fondant Figures

Snow Globe Cookies – I loved making these, they were definitely different.

Fall 2016 DOS Snowglobe cookies

Spring 2017 with Robin VanHoozer and Timbo Sullivan

Robin VanHoozer

Textured Flower Spray before I added the Super Pearl

Textured Flowers Pic 1

Close up View

Textured Flowers Pic 2 Closeup

It’s been super pearled! 😀  I got a little heavy handed, lol.

Textured Flowers Pic 3 Super Pearled

Timbo Sullivan and his straw technique was very interesting.

Timbo Sullivan

Never thought you could do so much with just a few different sized straws.  Great for creating animal skins and cobblestones.

Timbo Sullivan Straw techniques

Well hopefully you have gained something from today’s blog topic.

Check out your local ICES chapter if you have one or if you don’t have one in your state make inquiries about starting one.  All the information is on the ICES website.

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Have a great weekend wherever you are!

Happy Caking!