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Perfume – The memory it carries.

The variety of scents man-made or natural invites the senses to a wonderful world that not only can open up the mind but keep the memories associated with it.

Whether the warm, heady smell of jasmine or honeysuckle that brings back memories of summers gone by.  Summers of youthful play in open green fields, laughter and sometimes love.  To thoughts of warm breezes coming off the waters of a crystal blue sea. The inviting scent draws you in and the memory of it doesn’t let you go.

The perfume emanating from the variety of foods cooking together conjure up memories of family gatherings, holiday festivities and numerous other points of time that most people share and cherish.  The aroma of heavy spices, sweets, fruits and vegetables make the mouth water and the tongue remembers the taste.

Man-made scents that are common within most people’s daily lives whether it is the fresh smell of sheets out the hot dryer or straight off the clothesline or the cleanliness of shampoo and soap become associated with our daily routines.  These routines sometimes become the habits of those around us as well and the memory of these scents will carry on through them.

In the modern world that rushes past us every day,  human beings sometimes forget to stop and take it all in.  To breathe in and breathe out.  To take part in the human existence. To create those memories that will stay with us till the end.  We as humans share a common connection among us, our bodies work basically the same, we have the same basic senses, the sense of smell is one of them.

The sense of smell ingrains the perfume into our memories so it can easily be recalled. Even if the scent is just wafting ever so slightly through a room it reminds us of the person we love or loved, the times we spent together or the meals we shared.  The sense of smell also protects us from harm by reminding us of the dangers associated with the scent, such as fire, smoke or gas.

This gives us the opportunity to remember the perfume of our daily lives.  The perfume carries the memories associated with it whether they were good or bad.  Perfume is everywhere, one only has to stop and breathe it all in to discover it.

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**Picture – Customised-Rainbow-Perfume-Bottle-Etsy – House of Lux**

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