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Social Media – Opening the door to others in the world

It is early in the morning and I just woke up but feeling too comfortable in my bed I just lay here.   I lay here and debate about what the day ahead will bring.  I think about the things that need to be accomplished and the fun things I want to do.  Then I hear it, that little beep that lets me know that something has been posted.  I turn on the phone and see which social media app it was.

Sometimes it is something serious like information on a political action, a news alert about a crime or an event that is coming up but most of the time it is just random postings that people felt compelled to “like”, “share” or “post” about.

It could be a cool looking landscape photo, a picture of children being children, various animal tricks, the happenings of a favorite celebrity or sometimes yummy looking food.  Either way social media has become the portal to other countries, ideas and values that allows others to see what’s going on in the rest of the world.

It has become a vital part of global communication. It has become a vehicle for companies to gain new customers and for organizations to gain people to support their causes.  I as a relatively new person to most forms of social media am rather in awe of the whole thing.

It’s like going on an adventure and you never know what you will see or hear.  Most may see being a participant within the social media environment as a time waster or don’t see the value that you can get from it. There is always going to be negatives out there that’s just a part of human nature.  I actually used to be one of those people who felt that way.

That changed for me because of my four kids. They opened my eyes and  I now see the value in all forms of media that not only engages you and but allows one to see or hear the opinions of others not necessarily within your own circle of influence.

My children are becoming active participants and actually expanding their view of the world by being exposed to other cultural ideas and ways of thinking.  This is evident in the music they listen to, the television shows they watch and the books they read.  The others out there in the world are having an impact whether they realize it or not.

I look forward to those moments during the day when there is a lull in the day’s work or it’s time for a break and I log into see what everyone else is up to.

I used to find it kind of amusing that we call each other “friends” in these environments when we have never actually met each other.  One definition of friendship that I found included “a state of mutual trust and support” and that’s what we do, support and trust each other so “friend” it is then.  Despite the ongoing turmoil in the world we as “friends” can still find beauty and positives to share with others.  We haven’t lost our sense of humanity, unity and friendship.  So there is still hope for us yet.

It’s rather interesting how these virtual friendships get started. You see something they post and think “Hey, I like that or that’s pretty cool” then you like their post maybe make a comment and the next thing you know you are “following” each other.

In this environment it’s okay to not like everything you see, you have that choice to comment, not comment, just pass it all together or even unfollow them if you really disagree with what they are posting about, and sometimes they even unfollow you.

Just like in the real world we don’t always get along and that’s okay.  Life is too short to dwell on it and after all there are more than 7 billion people in the world and we are not always going to agree.

Social media has given the individual a way to voice an opinion or make their thoughts be known to the world.  They sometimes even find like-minded people through mutual interests, hobbies and similar jobs.  It lets us know that we are not alone in this world.

Whatever the case may be social media is an open doorway for others to view the world and see people that they may have never met in real life.  To make those connections that are important to one’s own well-being.  Those important human interactions help one grow and discover things they may have never thought about before.

Whether the online friendships turn into a real life friendship or whether you eventually lose interest, this form of media provides a chance to actually go out into the world and explore what’s out there.

It has given younger generations the ability to see that there is a great big world out there waiting for them.  That there is more than traditional schools of thought and keeping up with changes is vital to growth.

So as I sit here watching my own children on their laptops, with their phones in hand responding to Snap chats, sharing YouTube videos they found and listening to music from other countries.  It makes me wonder what their own children will experience at that age.  How much smaller will the world become for them?

Finding ways to make connections, learn and grow is the path of change that I started on over 3 years ago and continue on to this day.

So as I wander through the world of social media it has reopened my eyes to the possibilities that I stopped thinking about a long time ago.  It has exposed me to thoughts and ideas that resonate with my own inner truths.  It has given me a different sense of purpose and altered my way of thinking about relationships.

So the world gets smaller every day with each new follower, friend, post, chat and share.  Life is more interesting than I thought it was and I look forward to this next chapter in my life.  I will continue to embrace it with open arms, positive thoughts and an open mind.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week ahead!