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Villanelle – Writer’s Challenge

Eclipsed Chaotic Wave The words of love are spoken, it cannot hear. Twisting, curling, spiraling down into nothingness. The darkness consumes the mind, the light is not there. The wave quickens to a hurried pace, subsides then begins to clear. Effort is hastened by the heaviness of the abyss. The words of love are spoken, it cannot hear. The memories

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Jealousy, Pettiness & Russell Crowe – Things that killed a relationship

July 29th 2017 I am still relatively new to some forms of social media.  I’ve been on Facebook for more than 5 years, I have a Twitter and a Snapchat account that I never use and right now I’m constantly on Instagram and posting to my blog. Recently, during one of my late night into the early morning sessions of

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Remembrance – Random Musings

Remembrance – by SE Allen Remember…another day is never guaranteed, don’t take it for granted.  Make each one count. Remember…the pain doesn’t last forever, it just feels like it.  Ride that wave until it subsides. Remember…there are bad things because there will be good too. Life can be beautiful you have to find it. Remember…not everyone was meant to stay. 

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Basic Truths – Thoughts on People

Everyday I meet or interact with a multitude of people.  Whether it’s while pumping gas at the local convenience store, standing in line with others while buying groceries or talking to other parents at one of my children’s extracurricular activities.  Everyone meets a new person almost every day. I was thinking about this more today while I sat there with

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Ebb and flow – What I learned being a stay at home parent

I have always been this goal-oriented person. Even as a kid, despite the things that were happening in my life, I always found something to set my eyes on.  A distant hurdle that I wanted to overcome. Growing up I found participating in sports, getting good grades and volunteering as good ways to keep motivated and moving forward. This helped

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