Passion and Anger – Random Musings

(Free Verse Writing)

The words come at me like knives.

The negative thoughts of self-doubt and low self-esteem.

The trigger this time was words that went awry by an online stranger.

Hopefulness drowning to the overwhelming wave of anxiety that started swelling up.

Faith could not be found nor heard.

Belief in the good of others became muddied by the anger.

She realized that anger and passion have the same feeling but different outcomes.

Humanity filled her heart with passion for others.

She so wanted to believe that love could conquer all.

She was foolish.

She was naïve.

She didn’t care.

She still had hope, faith and belief in her heart.

Anger filled her thoughts.  Deceit, lies and untruths were common visitors to her.

She was tired of letting them in.

She wanted to shut them out forever but knew that was not possible.

In order for her to believe and trust in love there also has to be hate.

One cannot live without the other.

Her choice is to see the good.

To see the love.

To find the beauty in everyone and everything.

She slipped away to the safety of her room.

To silently cry the tears no one could see.

To face the anger head on and push it away back to where it came from.

To battle the unseen things that could only be felt or thought in her mind.

To sleep a dreamless sleep.

To whisper to the universe “You won today but I will be back again tomorrow.”

Until we meet again.



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