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Basic Truths – Thoughts on People

Everyday I meet or interact with a multitude of people.  Whether it’s while pumping gas at the local convenience store, standing in line with others while buying groceries or talking to other parents at one of my children’s extracurricular activities.  Everyone meets a new person almost every day.

I was thinking about this more today while I sat there with other people at a local food pantry.

Unfortunately, not having a steady income this past year has often led to being short on occasion.  Normally things would smooth out and I could manage but this month’s cooling and water bill put us in a tight bind so in order to get us passed this temporary obstacle I went to a local food pantry to get some additional basic food staples.

As I sat there among the people waiting patiently for the required bible study lesson to begin a few people decided that they didn’t want to be preached to so they left.  The rest of us sat there knowing that the 45 minute talk wasn’t as bad as others made it seem.

People were quietly talking among themselves.  Some of them knew each other as regular visitors and were rather jovial despite their circumstances for being there.

I sat there between these two burly men who were rather gruff looking with their arms folded across their chest as if to tell others not to approach them.  This was until the pastor started speaking when they both started to relax and listened with earnest intent to message that was being conveyed.

I took everything going on around me in and thought about the fact that despite the different backgrounds, ethnicity, economic levels and varying ages we were all there because we needed assistance.

The thought made me feel rather downhearted because I knew my situation was only temporary for most of them it was a way of life.

So after I returned home and pondered over thoughts on humanity as a whole that’s when I realized that despite what is going on in the world whether in our own homes or across the ocean to another land, we are all basically the same.

This thought gave me some hope that one day things could be different for everyone. Only when we realize that by not focusing on what our minds are seeing but instead listening to what our heart is telling us will there truly be change in the world.

Instead of writing all these thoughts out I put together this short video instead.

Here is the YouTube link for my channel:

Basic Truths Video

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