Remembrance – Random Musings

Remembrance – by SE Allen

Remember…another day is never guaranteed, don’t take it for granted.  Make each one count.

Remember…the pain doesn’t last forever, it just feels like it.  Ride that wave until it subsides.

Remember…there are bad things because there will be good too. Life can be beautiful you have to find it.

Remember…not everyone was meant to stay.  Most were just souls passing through.

Remember…the world has 7 billion souls and someone woke up feeling the same way. You are not alone.

Remember…not everyone will be kind, leave them where you found them. Move forward no going back.

Remember…that sometimes you will stumble, fall and fail.  Lay there only until the thoughts have cleared.

Remember…others out there are in the same place but don’t think the same. You can only be true to yourself.

Remember…each of us is unique and has a purpose but we don’t know what it is.  Live until it finds you.

Remember…today is another chance.  Walk through it with positive light to shine on others.