Lonely Soul – Free Verse Writing

Recently I discovered an Instagram community of writers called writersuniverse.  This community does weekly challenges and I decided to give it a try.  It’s been a good way to practice and develop my writing more.

This week’s challenge was to put a favorite song on repeat, listen and just see what thoughts came out of it.  We had to also write out the lyrics, title and artist of the chosen song.

I chose ” A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

This song has seen me through many teared filled nights of anguish over the loss of my marriage.  It also made me question why things didn’t work out between myself and others during that first two years after I separated then divorced.  Then when I met the “online” person in February of this year, it was one of the songs that he sent me which really played with not only my emotions but the thoughts about myself by bringing up the feelings that I went and still sometimes go through.  Despite the sometimes pain I feel when hearing this song it has been very cathartic in helping me recover.

A broken heart doesn’t ever really mend.  It just closes back up temporarily waiting to open again, hopefully to the right person before it can heal completely.

So this is my entry:

“Lonely Soul” – by SE Allen

I never thought I would feel this way
It scares me to feel this way
Losing control over my heart

You came into my life when all hope had been lost
Thoughts of joy, sadness, and love filled my days
Joy my heart never felt before
Sadness from the years of longing to be set free
Love that I never knew

I saw my future self through your eyes
I didn’t, couldn’t believe what I saw
My heart struggled
My mind lost to the years of self-doubt
The scars began to heal
The space that was there filled
Only temporarily

My soul had waited an eternity to find you
Just to have you for even a moment
Enough to last another eternity

Love lost to a fleeting moment in time
A love that was never meant to be
A false love that never was
Existing only in written words
Never to see the light of day

Flames of passion burned everything
You went away
Never to be known again
The empty shell of the heart remained
Waiting once more

All was not lost
The love for myself remained
Awakened by the words spoken and written by you
Strengthening the will to go on
The lonely soul
The lonely soul that knew love
Love for only a moment


Thank you for stopping by.

Have a good week!