“I’m still here.” – Random Musings

“I’m still here” – by SE Allen
Don’t despair. I’m still here.
Even in my darkest moments when you don’t understand. I’m still here.
I close my eyes. Not to ignore you but to find the light. I’m still here.
I don’t speak and walk away. My words would hurt you. I’m still here.
You don’t see my pain when the darkness comes. I’m still here.
Words are just words when the darkness comes. I hear you. I’m still here.
I fell but crawled my way back again. I’m not done yet. I’m still here.
I need understanding and patience. From you and myself. I’m still here.
Everything inside broke me down. I haven’t recovered yet. I’m still here
I don’t know how long this will take. One day at a time. I’m still here.
I’m not going anywhere. I’ve come too far already. I’m still here
I made a promise to you. I don’t break promises. I’m still here.
I’m not the same person as before. I never will be. I’m still here.
I’m still here.

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