Lonely Soul – Free Verse Writing

Recently I discovered an Instagram community of writers called writersuniverse.  This community does weekly challenges and I decided to give it a try.  It's been a good way to practice and develop my writing more. This week's challenge was to put a favorite song on repeat, listen and just see what thoughts came out of… Continue reading Lonely Soul – Free Verse Writing

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Depression – The unseen signs

Major depressive disorder.  It sounds so ominous and foreboding.  Almost alarming to those that hear it and most try to avoid “hearing” it. I avoided getting diagnosed for almost 23 years but I had to finally face it when my thoughts spiraled out of control one day and I could no longer stop the inevitable… Continue reading Depression – The unseen signs


Remembrance – Random Musings

Remembrance – by SE Allen Remember…another day is never guaranteed, don’t take it for granted.  Make each one count. Remember…the pain doesn’t last forever, it just feels like it.  Ride that wave until it subsides. Remember…there are bad things because there will be good too. Life can be beautiful you have to find it. Remember…not… Continue reading Remembrance – Random Musings