Monthly Archives: August 2017

Homage to the people of Earth – Weekly writing challenge entry

August 21, 2017 So I am still participating in weekly writing challenges on Instagram.  This week’s challenge was to write a poem using the words of another poem at the beginning of each sentence.  I originally picked out a quote from a book but realized before submitting it that it had to be poem instead.  So this is my entry.

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Letter to the Universe – Weekly Writing Challenge

Still participating in writing challenges on Instagram.  This week’s challenge was writing a letter.  It was free verse or poetry. This is my entry. Dear Universe, My life was unimaginable, I felt invisible. I was broken in two. You saw what I went through. Suffering at the hands of another. Lovers, strangers, father, sisters, and mother Pain, abuse, tears and

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Words we follow – Finding points to ponder

August 3, 2017 During the scrolling through different social media apps and while waiting for the counseling session this past week, it occurred, that the waiting was starting to cause the already anxiety ridden thoughts to compound. The noise levels of those in the waiting area seemed to be amplified and the heart rate was starting to go up.  It

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