Wonderment – Where did it go?

August 11, 2017

Sitting among those that also walk the earth, the sky bright blue, fluffy white clouds floating by and birds chirping in the wind.

I sat there and pondered our existence among each other as listened to the quiet conversations, felt the anxiousness and saw the look of sadness in some of their eyes.

We are all the same physically either a man or woman but that is the only way we are similar.

We all have different paths in our life that have been taken.

Yet, despite these differing economic, educational, religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds we ended up here today waiting for the same thing; food assistance.

We, no matter what the reason, did not have enough funds to make sure our bodies stayed nourished so we sought a little help to keep us moving along.

It made me think about the choices each of us have made in our lives.

During these pivotal moments in our lives, what were our thoughts?

Did we think there would be no consequences?

Did we weigh the possible outcomes and decide the risk was worth it?

Did we foolishly believe that we were immune to the effects of our actions?

What did our conscience say to us? Was it not alert or did we just not listen?

In that moment were we under the influence of something else?

Depression, poverty, substance abuse, physical ailment, oppression or was it just a lack of good judgment?

In that moment what happened to our hopes, dreams, and aspirations?

We were all once children and free.

Full of wonderment and amazed by everything.

Seeing a beautiful world through our youthful eyes.

We dreamt of far off places full of adventure.

We pretended to be astronauts, princesses, cowboys, or sometimes even swashbuckling pirates.

We thought we would be the greatest athlete to ever play basketball, baseball or even football.

We thought we would become heroes like a fireman, policeman, soldiers or even teachers.

That childish wonderment disappeared as we got older.

The world around us made use lose that glint and glimmer in our eyes.

We became worn down, hardened and sullen.

That’s what we need to find again, that sense of wonderment and belief in something beyond what we see with our eyes.

We need to believe in the impossible again, to dream of a better existence for ourselves beyond what we have become accustomed to.

We need to learn how to love and laugh often.

We need to discover our hidden talents.

We need to believe in ourselves.

We have to remember that we are only given one life and to make it count.

We need to rediscover how to live life again.

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Have an awesome week ahead!

Peace. Love and Happiness to you always!