Letter to the Universe – Weekly Writing Challenge

Still participating in writing challenges on Instagram.  This week’s challenge was writing a letter.  It was free verse or poetry.

This is my entry.

Dear Universe,

My life was unimaginable,
I felt invisible.
I was broken in two.
You saw what I went through.

Suffering at the hands of another.
Lovers, strangers, father, sisters, and mother
Pain, abuse, tears and oppressed.
You watched and quietly assessed.

The soul was weary, seeking strength but it took time.
Never to hear words of love, devotion, and poetry that rhymed.

Instead, I listened to the still voice inside,
Quiet and calm despite the world that wanted me to abide.
Anger kept me alive.

I fell time and time again.
Failing but never giving in.
Belief kept me sane.
You still refrained.

Depression, anxiety and sadness compound.
I was silently drowning, spiraling down.
Year after year, time slipped by.
I was losing hope and just wanted to die.

You stepped in, finally opened my eyes and made me see,
The world full of wonderful people and things of beauty.

Bringing light into the darkness and strengthening the hope.
Filling the mind with the ability to cope.

Surrounding me with goodness, kindness, and positivity.
Sending me messengers filled with words of grace, oneness, and humanity.

You whispered to me I was ready.
I’ve been fighting for so long, my feet are still unsteady.

I continue to walk each day filled with some uncertainty.
No longer worrying about the chaos, instead, finding serendipity.

Hope, faith, and belief was repaired.
You finally spoke.
I finally appeared.


Thank you for stopping by.

Have a great week!