Homage to Strong Women – Weekly writing

So as mentioned in a previous post, I was working on a poem for an Instagram weekly challenge when I realized that I used a quote instead of a poem.  I chose one of my favorite quotes from the book “Dolores Claiborne” by my favorite author, Stephen King.

Here is the poem created from the quote.

Homage to Strong Women

“Sometimes, you have to be a high-riding bitch to survive, sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to hang on to.” – Stephen King, Dolores Claiborne


Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned

You have to learn to take a stand.

Have a reason for any harsh demand.

To pretend you’re a man.

Be proactive and self-righteous.

A wave of light in the darkness.

High-riding one day and misery the next.

Bitch to some while others just vexed.

To be the person you want to be.

Survive with the heart, mind, and soul moving in syzygy.

Sometimes life doesn’t go how we want.

Being tough and fighting for the front.

A force to move a mountain.

Bitch today just another in a thousand.

Is this worth the maddening pace?

All-encompassing and full of grace.

A mother and savior of the human race.

Woman with a heart of gold

Has been hurt and turning cold.

To keep up even when it’s not fair.

Hang tight and don’t despair,

On sometimes a wing and a prayer,

To become a strong woman without a care.


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Have an awesome week!