Homage to the people of Earth – Weekly writing challenge entry

August 21, 2017

So I am still participating in weekly writing challenges on Instagram.  This week’s challenge was to write a poem using the words of another poem at the beginning of each sentence.  I originally picked out a quote from a book but realized before submitting it that it had to be poem instead.  So this is my entry.

Homage to the people of Earth

“We fall from womb to tomb, from one blackness and toward another, remembering little of the one, and knowing nothing of the other…” – Stephen King, “Danse Macabre”

We are who we are and life is a race, sometimes we
Fall from grace.
From the moment in time, we are conceived in the
To the moment we die and placed in a
Tomb. We are who we are
From this Earth a distant star.
One day we stand in the
Blackness of night
And the next we shine in the light.
Toward the light, we seek
Another day, another week.
Remembering nothing of the past life
Little bits of history and still living in strife.
Of the things that have been done
The best is yet to come.
One day we’ll live in peace
And wars, poverty, and struggle will cease.
Knowing this is the only way
Nothing but goodness can stay.
Of this, there is no other,
The world, our home and our only
Other mother.

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