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Communication – something new: friendships, relationships, and acquaintances.

September 15, 2017 I’ve written before about the barriers to finding a meaningful relationship online. One of the most important aspects of contemplating meeting someone in this environment, besides the honesty and integrity, is effective communication. I have taken many communication courses; written and verbal in order to be a more effective leader. Couple that with 20 years of military

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Alone – I’m no longer afraid of that word. Random Musings

9 Sep 17 Alone by Suzanne Allen My heart was broken. I was in a million pieces. Pain replaced promises spoken. My mind’s thoughts turned to negativity. I didn’t think it would ever end. Hurt was there but lessened eventually. My physical-self faced depression’s wrath. I couldn’t control the anxiety. Emotional eating became the path. My soul held on to

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Life is a Road – Random Musings

05 September 17 I’m still relatively new to writing creatively.  Most of the previous writings I completed were academic papers or reports for work.  So whenever inspiration strikes, I usually take the time, right then, to write the thoughts down.  Then, later,  I decide how I want to present it to others.   I never actually expect others to see

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