Face of Depression – Short Video

September 2, 2017

I was working on some tasks I started this morning when I stopped to make me some breakfast.  I slept in today and did not set an alarm so it was rather late when I woke up. As is usual for me, I took a pic and decided to post my food on Instagram.  Afterwards, I decided to take a selfie and post that too.

Doing something so simple as a selfie is still something I struggle with on occasion. Self-doubt about way I look coupled with the anxiety some times makes it a little overwhelming.  I changed my shirt 4 times and even straightened my hair.  My son asked me what I was doing.  He just kind of looked at me and joked about it.

What he, my other children and friends don’t understand is how many thoughts race through my mind over something so simple.

I created this short video to explain and share with you the reader.

I know others out there with depression and anxiety will understand where I am coming from.

Thank you for stopping by.

I hope you find peace, love, happiness and positive vibes today!


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