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Journey through depression

September 3, 2017

Blog Map

This map represents 2 years of counseling and therapy. 

In 2015 I started a blog as a way of working through the depression and anxiety that I was finally facing when I started counseling.  The blog was started as a way to focus on something else besides what I was going through; separation, divorce, job loss and starting over.  I gave up after a few months and didn’t come back until 2016. 

I began randomly posting cake and sugar related topics, the original purpose, and then one day posting about what I was going through. 

That post generated more interest by people who could relate to how I felt.  I’ve been writing ever since, sometimes on a daily basis.

After I told my therapist about the blog she encouraged writing creatively as a way to work through the depressive and anxiety episodes that occur.  A tool to be used along with other coping skills to ride that wave of emotion out until it subsided.

I started going on social media platforms more shortly after that and found another outlet for thinking and writing creatively.  Engaging with communities of other poets and writers has expanded my knowledge of different types of writing.  It has been a very positive experience so far.

Now just a mere 6 months later my blog has gained 17 other bloggers following it.  I have written and published on the blog 82 different articles in total incorporating both the cake decorating/sugar art with my journey through this recovery process. I have now reached over 1000 views on the site.  Viewers from 26 different countries have visited so far.  The Instagram account has now reached 239 followers, mainly within the last 60 days, encompassing many creative and artistic people.  Poets, writers, artists, photographers, musicians, fitness people, motivational speakers, models, and actors plus gaining new followers every day.

All of this has been rather overwhelming and when I step back to look at it, I just feel rather in awe of everything that has transpired.

In my deepest, darkest moments over the last 3 years when I didn’t want to go on because I felt so alone, so rejected and so abandoned, I thought it would go on forever. What I failed to realize was, I had to just wait and be patient. 

I had to remember who I was, my strengths and what I’ve been through.

I had to be willing to open my eyes and see the world. 

I had to open my mind to new ideas and think about new possibilities.

I had to let go of my fears and face them.

I had to let the anger consume me in its fire so it would eventually burn out.

I had to remember that I wasn’t alone and others felt the same way.

I had to realize that there are good people out there.

I have to learn how to trust again.

So as I continue moving forward the hope, faith and belief that held me together, in the beginning, is getting stronger each day.  It is guiding me along toward whatever the future holds for me.

Rediscovering myself through writing is helping through this journey with depression.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have an awesome week ahead!