Memories a poem – Random musings

The music washes over me like the warm summer rain.
It brings images of faces that caused pain.
I try to push them away but I sometimes fail.
The memories begin to sail.
I can see your smile, your eyes and hear your laugh.
My heart aches to have you back.
The sound my phone makes with each call, email, and text,
Leaves me slightly broken and kind of a wreck.
Hoping it was you reaching out to say hello.
Knowing that it won’t happen because that what was so long ago.
It’s not always like this, I know this is true.
Just on the days when I wake up feeling kind of blue.
Most days are better than the rest.
I wake up not even thinking of you and feeling my best.
The days wane on and someday I won’t look back.
I know you’re not there and it’s all in the past.
Knowing you was the best thing that happened to me.
It broke my heart but set me free.
The relationship was never meant to last.
I have always been going down a different path.
You were a momentary stop as I traveled down this road.
The time we had was beautiful but not everything that glitters is gold.
You brought out the best in me this much is true.
What I wanted was too intense and you didn’t know what to do.
So you went away and left me behind.
Not a word, just silence, and questions in my mind.
One day the person next to me will be there until the end.
I didn’t need lovers, I needed a friend.

By S.E. Allen