​Time heals all wounds

​Time heals all wounds by Suzanne Allen

I wake to see another morning dawn.
Sleepy, stretching and still a yawn.
That familiar pang of doubt.
Sometimes I want to scream and shout.
Tired of sometimes feeling this way.
Somehow I still make it through the day.
Slight tingle of pain from old wounds.
Reminds of days I tried to end it too soon.
Negative thoughts are silent, a good thing.
Still working on the causes of pain.
Knowing that each day is getting better.
This soul resilient and not a quitter.
The heart, mind and body is strong.
This person will awake and continue on.
Life isn’t easy, this much is true.
Each day isn’t darkness and gloom.
Searching for the positive light.
Knowing, I will make the most of this life.