100th Day of Gratitude 

I wrote this poem to mark my 100th Day of Daily Gratitude’s. 

It’s been such a positive impact on my thought process.  

I recommend that you give it a try.

Thank you so much for stopping by and showing support as I go through this personal journey of self-discovery, healing and recovery.

Have an awesome day wherever you are!



Change by Suzanne Allen

Time moved like a bead of water on glass.
Hanging on to old ideals from the past.
Stubborn, angry, and depressed.
Life was falling apart, it was a mess.
Finally, taking a stand.
No longer giving in to others demands.
Making the voice heard.
Walking away, some said it was absurd.
Leaving a secure life for the unknown.
Bravely facing the world alone.
Mistakes made, bad choices too.
Still learning what to do.
We all have decisions to make.
It can’t be left to fate.
No matter what happens to me.
The soul was finally set free.


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