“Choices” by S.E.Allen

Trying something new.  Creative writing spoken word.

Every day we have a choice. 

We can get up and do what others expect us to do. 

The same job, same town, same routines, same pay, same acquaintances, the same life. 

Some are comfortable with that and it is their choice. 

Others choose to go against the same flow of life. 

To take a different path every day.

Searching for something greater than themselves. 

Searching for what they believe is their purpose. 

Searching for what life has to offer. 

Searching for what makes them happiest. 

Neither choice is wrong. 

Having free will to change or choose is the core of our existence. 

Interfering with that choice is wrong and goes against humanity. 

It is in that moment that we as human beings can stand together to ensure that our free will remains intact or we silently make a choice to turn the other way. 

What will you choose?

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