The eyes saw…

The eyes saw… by Suzanne Allen

The blinding light of first day’s light slowly crept through the window.

The brain’s synapses firing off information, sending messages it was time to wake from the deep slumber.

The memories, dreams, and thoughts began dwindling as the warmth of the day could be felt under the covers.

The muscles stretched, relaxed and adjusted to changes in the surroundings, the awakening.

The lungs inhaled deeper breathes, expelling the old and drawing in the new.

The heart began pumping more blood to the vital organs signaling it was time to start doing their work.

The cool morning air crept over the previously sleeping figure as they began to stir.

The contracting of the pupils dilating to adjust to the change, reflecting the soulful brown iris, the eyes fluttered awake.

The eyes saw the beginning of a new day as yesterday faded away.

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