Wheel of Souls – Random Musings

Wheel of Souls
Life moving silently with time, they’re constant companions.
Like wind moving over mountains, through valleys and canyons.

They move together effortlessly.
Human beings captured in the web they weave.
Like spokes on a wheel that spins constantly.

A rainbow of souls.
Not one is the same and each is unique.
Full of hopes, ideas, and dreams they seek.

Yet they do not see.
Their differences should be celebrated and revered.
Instead, they bicker and fight due to fear.
It’s no you, not me, it is only us here.

Together we make things happen.
It isn’t just one person that can.
There is always strength in numbers when it comes to man.

The sooner we realize this and put down our swords.
It is better to create, think, and use our words.

To make this world a better place.
Not for me, not for you but for the human race.

If we want this world to progress.
Our differences need to be addressed.

Together we become the wheel of souls.
Moving together, blending into one.
A sphere of influence that can never be undone.

By Suzanne Allen