Grandma’s Home – Writing Challenge

**This is my entry for the weekly challenges on Instagram for the Artlixierpoetry challenge.  The entry had to be on a place that you knew or visited either real or imaginary.


Grandma’s Home by Suzanne Allen

There is a place that I know.

It is where I used to go.

It was beautiful and green.

A place that was serene.

Calm thoughts when I was there.

This place I never had to fear.

Safe haven, to a young mind.

No harsh words, never unkind.

People always honest and true.

Nothing but the words “I love you”.

I miss this place from so long ago.

Time didn’t stand still, I had to grow.

One day, I’ll be there, in the hereafter.

To hear the sounds of sweet voices and laughter.

There is a place I used to know.

This is where I’ll go.