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Success – Different shades of view

January 9, 2018

The first full week of 2018 is complete and as is commonplace, most New Year’s resolutions have already begun to falter or have ended.  It’s normal and most know this, adjust, and then keep moving on.

Others, myself included, don’t make these grand gestures or plans at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. To us it’s not about immediate success, it is something instead driving us to see beyond the coming year ahead, for some, it is about the rest of our lives.

This is how it has always been for me.  I would make these long lengthy plans, organize and map it out.  I used to do this on paper for the longest time then it stopped when I changed my course completely. It is something that I need to go back to but I haven’t yet taken that step.  I have spent the last four years floundering, drowning in the dark depths of depression and then finally coming up for air.  It’s still a work in progress.

I face the fact that going back to a normal job may not be possible because of the depression. The viewpoint I previously had of being this upstanding citizen, responsible and doing my duty has lost its luster.  I have become jaded by the bureaucracy of it all or it could be the remnants of the depression.  I still maintain hope for a brighter future but facing challenges that will need to be overcome and temporary obstacles in my path at the moment.

So as the New Year continues on I will make my plans for the upcoming year and map out where I want to go.

One such direction that I have thought about in the past is starting an online business. I was discussing this very topic with my eldest daughter and she gave me some great ideas that I am looking at right now with the possibility of launching an Etsy store.  I actually had an account previously but stopped working on it when I started the divorce process. I just wasn’t in the right mindset to pursue such a venture.

Another avenue that I am looking at is online store solely dedicated to the cake decorating and sugar art supply market.  I know there are some more well-known and larger online companies out there but I am trying to develop my niche in the marketplace to cater to my area.  This idea is still in development and I have to go back, look at the plans I had for a brick and mortar retail location, then revamp it.  Still yet another work in progress.

In the meantime, while I work on these ideas, I have begun the process of applying for medical disability due to the depression and anxiety.  It’s a long shot that it will be approved, so we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

All these items came to my thoughts this morning during my chat with a fellow Instagrammer.  He gave me his definition of success but could not elaborate more on how he was to achieve it.  That’s when my ideas about planning, organizing and mapping it out came into my mind.

I also realized that we all have different shades of view as to what success truly is to us.

Some believe it is fame and fortune that makes one successful.  Others believe it is lifting up others to their true potential.  While yet there are others who believe it is the legacy you will leave behind.

In my mind, true success is when you wake every day with a sense of purpose and can accomplish whatever you set your mind to because you have developed the true talents that lie within you. We are all born with some sort of hidden talent. You have to be willing to take that look inward, find it, hone it, build it up and then release it to the world.  If it is something you are truly passionate about then it will become successful for you. It takes hard work, guts, and determination to succeed.

I see it as that Karmic gift that is in the world around us each and every day.  Whatever we put out into the universe will come back to us when it’s time.  So for me, it is putting out good vibes and positivity.  Letting go of the negatives and continuing to know that the past cannot be changed if I want to keep moving toward my future.  It will always be a part of me, a part of my history, and the part of me that continues to grow beyond where it used to be.

So how do you define success in your life?

This blog, for example, is a small sign of success for me.  I always liked writing but never thought I could be creative at it until I started on Instagram and took a stab at writing poetry.  In actuality, the very first online scammer I dealt with wrote these beautiful poems to me and I was in awe of it. The written words changed how I viewed myself. Now, knowing that some were plagiarized still didn’t deter my thoughts about giving it a try, so I went for it.  This garnered some small accolades and recognition which was a much-needed ego boost.  This helped to keep pushing me on.

Now, this blog will be soon split into to two sites; one dedicated to creative and personal writing while the other will be solely dedicated to cake decorating and sugar art, the other thing I love.  The one thing that was started so long ago on a whim and is a permanent part of my life now in various shapes and forms.

The most crucial item needed right now is time.  I need to sit down and map out the amount time I need to dedicate to all of this.  To come up with and stick with a plan to get me where I want to go.

So as I talked with this young friend on Instagram this morning, the old habit of multi-tasking in my head came back.  I have all these thoughts to get down on paper and to begin once again back on my roadmap toward success.

Thank you for stopping by.

May peace, love, and happiness find you this week.

I hope you find success in whatever you set out to do this year!

Good luck and best wishes, always!






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