“Always Me” by Suzanne Allen

Another night filled with doubt.                                                                                                  Thoughts in my head, I want to shout.

Not always this way, this is the truth.
Feeling older, down and blue.

Rather be filled with laughter and joy.
Instead of irritated, feeling annoyed.

Not sure what started it this time.
Spiraling feeling, getting out of line.

Wish things were easier, less harsh.                                                                                              Causes headaches, pain in my heart.

Know will pass, start feeling better.
Writing it down letter by letter.

Miss the way I envisioned to be.
Younger, full of life and carefree.

Realizing that wasn’t really me.
Hid feelings well, no one could see.

This is the true being in front of you.
Broken by life, need more glue.

Search for happiness, love, laughter.
This point forward, into the hereafter.

Ignore impatience, lack of empathy.                                                                                              Never been you, always been me.