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Hello friend.

I sit here contemplating the post I made a few days ago…trying to decide whether to continue chatting online.

There were a few whose true intentions finally showed and they were unfollowed then blocked.

A few tried messaging but after I looked at their profiles, recognizing the similarity to previous people who were unscrupulous, so that wasn’t a go either.

The ones I actually were having conversations with, albeit rather one-sided, have been silent. Intentional or not, I’m not sure.

It saddens me to feel like this outcast from the rest of the world. To never feel like I belong. I know the depression plays a large part in it.

Yet, all I’ve ever wanted was just someone to talk to.

I want to learn all about them and hopefully, they want to know me. Not use me for their own purpose.

Just to talk about everyday life. Talk about books, music, movies, television, or even their hobbies.

Making a meaningful connection even it is just a brief moment in time. I never expected forever but even a brief moment was too much to ask for apparently.

So I will keep moving on like I always do, waiting for that moment when “Hello” becomes a friend.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week!