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One voice – Observing social movements

I was reading today on the news, social media, and the internet that over a million students across the United States walked out of school yesterday, March 14, 2018, to protest and support an assault weapons ban across the country.  This was spurred by yet another school shooting last month.

As I perused through different postings, I noticed that there quite a few “adults” that thought it was a ridiculous act by a bunch of “kids” who didn’t know anything.  That frame of thought has been stuck in my mind today. I also saw that same mentality last week during the International Women’s Day rallies and protests across the world.  What struck me the most, about these posts downplaying everything, was that they were mainly by men, mostly Caucasian and roughly in my age group.

Therein lies a problem, the so-called “men” mentality.  Those that see this also fail to see it is not just a problem with men being mostly in charge historically of everything from home life, business, to the government it’s a failure on the part of both men and women.  Women have been afraid to stand up and let their voices be heard because somewhere along the way we were told that we are the “weaker” sex but times are now changing and “men” are afraid of what it could mean.

Now, it’s not just women or minorities standing up to injustices, the children both male and female are standing their ground as well.  It’s about time because they will one day be the ones in charge and need to see how their actions can change things.

The good old boy all-male network is having pieces of itself attacked for a lack of willingness to change.  This “traditional” system no longer fits into society today and people are starting to finally realize that.  We cannot progress or move forward if we keep holding onto systems that don’t work.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am for equality for all people, men, women, minorities, sexual identities, ethnicities, religions and every “hot” button category out there.  What I am not for is one group overtaking another whether through social agendas, politics or brute force.   We are one “human” kind on this planet and the time to act and behave this way is coming, we all need to be ready for it.

We need to recognize our strengths, weaknesses, concerns and belief systems as a part of the whole not separate.  Through togetherness, we are stronger and so much more capable of creating a different world than the one we currently live in.

These are idealistic and naïve thoughts, I know this, but I also know that history has a way of repeating itself over and over again until there is a pivot point.  Maybe we are finally starting to reach it.  The only concern I have when these social movements for change start occurring is that they sometimes lose momentum and the original agenda changes.  That will only happen if those who start it lose sight of what they want to change and buckle under the pressure of others.

This happened during every major world war and throughout history.  The history of man is filled with similar events but now the world has gotten so much smaller because of technology.  We can see everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  History-making news of political change and discourse.  Manmade environmental and natural disasters.  Hundreds of years of fighting between groups that are still ongoing.  The rise and fall of countries. The global community changing every minute of every day.  Individuals from all over the world being able to see one another and influenced by social media.

History does not stand still and those that fail to keep moving with it will get left behind.  The traditional “men” mentality no longer fits within the ideals of everyone and it is no longer fully accepted at face value.

This does not mean that all women see men as the “enemy” and want to be in charge of everything.  It just means that men need to hear the “voice” of women. To seriously take it into account when making decisions that not only affects their lives but for everyone around them to include the future leaders of the world; the children.  Women have proven time and time again they are perfectly capable of making great contributions to the whole world and to defend others if necessary.  There have also been great contributions by the younger generations as well as not only within social and political climates but also to the way we work and live.

So as the days turn into weeks, months, and years hopefully we’ll reach the pivot point we need to make a greater impact on our world not only for us but for future generations as well.

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May, peace, love, happiness and good vibes find you wherever you go in the world.

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