These four walls – by Suzanne Allen

Laying here.
Staring at these four walls.
Wondering if there is a purpose to it all.

The clock slowly ticks away the time.
Tired and anxious.
My normal mind.

Looking through the slightly open blinds.
The sounds of the world.
Slowly going by.

Tired of being here, as before.
Want to go home.
Find solace there and more.

Need to remember to take care of me.
Life’s purpose.
Remains to be seen.

If I continue to walk this life alone.
Time was meant only for me.
The world is where I’ll roam.

Wanted to be loved for so long.
Heart filled with happiness.
Waiting to share with someone.

When things don’t go the way we want.
Gotta stay positive.
Keep moving on.

Laying here, staring at these four walls.
Debate if there was a purpose.
The universe is silent to it all.