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Love…on the other side of the world

Love…on the other side of the world
by Suzanne Allen
Dedicated to Ghabriel.

Time has moved so slow.
Days my heart, felt like it would break.
You would always know.

We’ve fought quite often.
I would be angry so would you too.
Yet, Love never let our hearts harden.

We miscommunicate like no other.
Distance is the only obstacle.
One day, the gap will be closer.

We only have a few months left to go.
Then we will be together.
Our love for one another we will know.

Misplaced mistrust from my past.
You forgive the constant doubts.
It is you I believe in, only want this to last.

It is you I think of when I awake.
Our morning talks and chats.
I only want love never hate.

Each day that passes by is for you.
Your caring and kindness, I’ve misjudged.
I filled it with doubts but it was never true.

It was your love for me, I didn’t believe.
You have never done anything wrong.
It’s love I’ve never had I could not see.

These constant questions toward you.
It has only been in my own mind.
You have always been true.

I wanted you to know that I am here.
As time is moving forward.
I will no longer fear.

Waiting for so long to find someone.
You fill my days with happiness.
This is every dusk and every dawn.

Who knew 8 months ago this would be.
I met someone online.
Challenges my patience but I’m happy.

You don’t like it when I post about us.
This poem is to dedicated to you.
The man, friend, love, and the one I trust.

Keep moving and then we will know
That love knows no distance.
It almost here, 4 months to go.

So have an awesome day.
This heart and soul thinks of you.
In my thoughts and when I pray.

Days filled with happiness, not sorrow.
Love you today.
Love you tomorrow.