Tears in the Dark by Suzanne Allen

That bewitching hour arrives once more.
Darkness surrounds.
Closed windows and doors.

Lying awake, staring into the black.
Thoughts tumbling over and over.
Stress and anxiety start to react.

Peace splintered once more.
Nothing new to the mind.
Been here before.

Words carelessly are thrown about.
What is it this time?
Self-sabotage or self-doubt?

Doesn’t matter what is said.
The words will be misheard.
Twisted, misshapen, in my head.

So tears in the dark once more.
Doesn’t matter what you say.
I’ve been here before.

Just need to make it through the night.
A strong person to carry me through.
Hold me, love me, till morning light.

Tomorrow’s a new day.
A fresh start.
Negative thoughts at bay.

Life is not perfect, never will be.
We both know this to be true
I’ll be there for you, be there for me.

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