Writing Contests and Challenges

It is January 13th.  It has been at least two weeks since I wrote anything to post on my blog.  So I went looking for some more writing prompts or inspirations.  I found an Instagram account called Silver Leaf Poetry.  They have a weekly Sunday writing contest. They give you a prompt and you let those creative thoughts get moving.

I enjoy this kind of writing, a spur of the moment, let’s just wing it kind of thing.  It has never been about being the best or anything.  Just finding the inspiration to keep at it and keep my brain active.

So today was the first one I entered.  The prompt was titled January, Fingertips, and Red.  You had to use all three in your piece.

Here is my first entry.

Sleepy – by suzeallen71
Dawn fades another day begins.
Last year gone.
A New Year to attend.
January always cold.
Movement beneath the covers.
Northern wind blows.
Deep breaths and heavy sighs.
Fingertips slowly moving.
Feel him by my side.
Warmth across my face spreads
Sunlight peeking in
Eyelids heavy, dots of red
Cozy blankets on top of me.
Going back to dream.
Keeping me sleepy.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a wonderful week ahead!
Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes to you always.