To Cake or Not

Goal, plans, and aspirations

July 13, 2019

It is a Saturday night. As I sit here on my laptop working on creating a second blog solely dedicated to cake decorating and sugar art, I also decided to create a secondary Instagram page to link to.

This has been an ongoing process on and off since last year. Several formats later, hundreds of changes, and countless days spent on it. The blog is finally done and launched. Here is the new website: The addition of a secondary Instagram account and reactivating the Facebook page I used to connect with other cake decorating minded individuals came into play as well.

I got into sugar art, cake decorating, and learning more about it in 2008. I took a basic Wilton class and was hooked from that point forward. Creating something with my own hands is quite cathartic and helps with the depression plus the anxiety is quieted by the focus needed.

The original purpose of this blog site was to emphasis my ongoing learning process. It took a different turn about two years ago but it was a good decision to make, creating a second blog and changing the original writing topics. This aided in my recovery process and kept me focused on the positive.

I am finding my purpose and setting goals again related to this art form. I am going back to the things that I know and are comfortable with doing. It is just one small way to manage the upcoming empty nest.

So I will continue writing, creating, and aspiring towards the things that I stepped away from for a while.

I hope you, the reader, find something enjoyable, inspirational, or just entertaining.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes to you always!