August 11, 2019 I started this post August 11th. Today is August 28th and so much has transpired in a short 17 days. It's hard to step back from the emotions and separate it into short, easy pieces to digest. I will try. I originally made a statement at the end of a post titled … Continue reading Momentum

Day 1 – Morning Pages

August 18, 2019 Hello. I woke up. I wasn't feeling that good. Thoughts about my ex-husband. I miss our Sunday mornings. That's in the past. Not to be revisited again. I went on to social media. Spent only a few minutes. Felt kind of bored. No text message this morning. Felt alone. Listened to my … Continue reading Day 1 – Morning Pages

Creating and expression of thought – Boosting creativity

August 18, 2019 I recently started this audio book called "168 Hours" by Laura Vauderkam. I was looking at my own hours of the day and how I spent it. The thoughts actually came up while I was binge watching another television series on a weeknight. Hours wasted to something that doesn't change anything for … Continue reading Creating and expression of thought – Boosting creativity

Others and Some

August 11, 2019 **I wrote this February 12th, 2018. Two days later the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida occurred. I never posted it. In light of recent events it still reflects the same feelings. The conversation and narrative that should be occurring. We as human beings have the inalienable rights … Continue reading Others and Some


August 11, 2019 I was still upset when I woke up Saturday morning. Sleep didn’t help the thoughts. I was having a good week until about 4 pm Friday. I don’t get it. I try to be this helpful, kind, good person to everyone I meet. I go to work and do the job I’m … Continue reading Growth