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Day 1 – Morning Pages

August 18, 2019 Hello. I woke up. I wasn't feeling that good. Thoughts about my ex-husband. I miss our Sunday mornings. That's in the past. Not to be revisited again. I went on to social media. Spent only a few minutes. Felt kind of bored. No text message this morning. Felt alone. Listened to my… Continue reading Day 1 – Morning Pages

Random Musings

Creating and expression of thought – Boosting creativity

August 18, 2019 I recently started this audio book called "168 Hours" by Laura Vauderkam. I was looking at my own hours of the day and how I spent it. The thoughts actually came up while I was binge watching another television series on a weeknight. Hours wasted to something that doesn't change anything for… Continue reading Creating and expression of thought – Boosting creativity