It’s October 1, 2019.  Yesterday, I finally closed another chapter in my life.  I moved out of the home we had for the last three years.  The home my ex-husband rented about 7 months before he passed away.

I made a promise to my two youngest kids to stay in the house until they graduated and went off to college.  I kept that promise despite my own personal feelings and struggle.

It wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to leave.  I chose to take care of my children’s needs from August to September then left my job at the end of August.  There were no additional funds for rent and I got behind.  The eviction took place on September 27th.  It took several days to get everything moved out and into storage.

All of these events, changes to my life, could have had a negative affect to the way I feel and be exacerbated by the depression, but it hasn’t.

Instead I feel this sense of positivity that my life is now moving in the right direction.

In the midst of all this change, I went back to my old workplace that I’ve been in and out of at least 4 times as a part time worker.  The latest round was going really well but then I realized that the pay wasn’t going to be enough.  Also, the work itself is rather repetitive coupled with the long hours it was taking a toll on my body.  Waking up with swollen fingers that were numb, elbow pain that made it hard to move, and tremendous shoulder pain was becoming too much.

I went and applied to a local retailer on Friday, interviewed and was hired on Saturday.  I gave my notice to the current workplace on Monday.  I know that the manager will be disappointed but, in my letter, giving the two-week notice, I emphasized how grateful I was to him for giving me another chance.  I also gave him kudos for having such a great evening team.  They made the time pass quickly and worked together well. I just couldn’t keep up and I know my limits.

Also, this past month, I interviewed for 3 different full-time positions. I have a new full-time job starting on October 7th.  It has a mandatory 7-week training course as a financial customer service representative.  The department/team manager is the one I interviewed with and he really liked my answers to the questions.  I actually got to use relevant information from my degree program during the interview process.

The reactions to all the changes which another person would probably view as a negative event actually boosted my thoughts as to where I am moving now. It has been a positive experience so far.

I was kind of worried about where I would end up and how would I make it work?  I talked to my mother and her husband who were willing to help me not only move but also gave me a place to stay while I work things out.

It’s been an interesting couple of days.  I miss the busyness that I normally experience in the evenings but realized that I actually don’t do much except watch TV. 

My mother and her husband are the same way.  So, I have been focused on gathering information, searching for another place to live, and trying to be prepared for the first training day next Monday. 

The stark reality of not continuing to learn something new is evident in their own habits.  I don’t want to walk that same path and still be on it when I’m in my 70’s.   I want to actually be retired when I get to that age.

So, as this week progresses on, I remain in this positive light.  I feel like everything will be okay and that this was the much-needed change that I was looking at making in my life.

This is the positivity that I choose to portray.  Coupled with the growth and motivation, I will be fine.

I just needed to finally take that next step.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have an awesome day!

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes to you, always!


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