Random Musings

Monday thoughts

I’ve been contemplating a lot lately and considering what I want as far as a relationship goes.

I realized that all the previous ones involved me giving all my time and energy into trying to make it work. It should have never been that way.

Going forward the person that wants my attention will have to put forth more effort to keep it. No longer will I waste my time or energy on someone that is complacent .

No longer will I waste my time, energy, or love on someone that hasn’t earned it or that doesn’t respect the effort I make.

My time is equally precious as yours and there isn’t enough of it already.

If the only thing you want from me is to have a good time or to take what you want and you’re not serious about a relationship then keep moving on.

If I am interested, you will know but at the same time if you seem indifferent then I will just walk. No explanations just me going out the door without a word. I’m done with explaining myself.

I have dreams and aspirations for myself so I’m looking for someone to share theirs too. I’m in it for the rest of my life not as a temporary stop on this path .

Peace, love, happiness and good vibes.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a fabulous week!