Crossing Paths: people we meet

"The only thing that changes whether the people we meet become more involved into our life is dependent on the way we carry ourselves and how we are perceived by others. Our expectations change."

Green Branch: strengths and weaknesses

"...knowing who you are and what you are capable of is a sign of strength...must have a weakness to become stronger...know what the bottom looks like to keep rising back up after each fall until you get to the point where you no longer fall."

Racism and Reparations

"...We are all citizens of this land, but we will never be truly equal until we demand it and support one another in obtaining it."

Burden by Suzanne Allen

Felt positive, sure, and moving.Put on the mask of happiness.Always a burden. Opened heart bared not hardened.Thought people actually cared.Always a burden. Tears come easy and often.The quiet of being alone is deafening.Always a burden. Soul is tired of hurting.Just wanted a life to call my own.Always a burden. This wasn’t eden the garden.It was … Continue reading Burden by Suzanne Allen

Autumn depression

"Fall time is usually the worst time of year for my depression. It starts in September and lasts until spring..."