Burden by Suzanne Allen

Felt positive, sure, and moving.
Put on the mask of happiness.
Always a burden.

Opened heart bared not hardened.
Thought people actually cared.
Always a burden.

Tears come easy and often.
The quiet of being alone is deafening.
Always a burden.

Soul is tired of hurting.
Just wanted a life to call my own.
Always a burden.

This wasn’t eden the garden.
It was a facade full of loopholes.
Always a burden.

Trust that was stolen, returned.
It was false and misleading.
Always a burden.

Picking up the bricks again.
Putting the wall back up not letting in.
Always a burden.

One day, will truly be happy again.
Others will love me for who I am.
No longer a burden.

2 thoughts on “Burden by Suzanne Allen

  1. Hodalee Scott Sewell says:

    Keep up the faith my friend, tomorrow holds alot of promise and you can embrace it as it arrives! Thank you for posting this your writing is amazing and heartfelt…


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