It’s not over…til it’s over


As the saying goes “It’s not over until the lady sings.” She’s still warming up and about to start.

Woke up this morning and the ballots are still being counted and the whole world is watching.

Just seeing the numbers of those that voted again for our current chaotic leader was a let down.

So disappointed in my state, again.

If you have ever lived or been here to Oklahoma then you know we have some beautiful landscapes, a diverse background of people, most people are genuinely friendly and helpful.

Yet despite that facade underneath is a different story.

Our state history with dealing with the indigenous people or minorities in general is lengthy and fraught with deceit, dishonesty, mayhem, and racism.

The political landscape and power is mostly to blame but the people being governed don’t realize that or choose to ignore it here and continue to walk around with blinders on.

We will never progress here beyond gas/oil, farmlands, churches on every corner, service industry jobs, retail, casinos, and Wal-Mart. Housing is cheap but so are the wages. I’ve lived here almost 50 years and haven’t seen much progress.

I still see 65+ year old citizens on social security still having to work until they die just to maintain basic needs. That is not how it should be.

When the pandemic hit this group and others, these same citizens looked to and believed the leaders would be there to help and have a plan. A plan never came to fruition. They turned to their communities, government programs and churches getting some small relief. I was fortunate enough to have additional help from my kids and my tribe to manage through.

There is a push for tech jobs here to try and build that industry up but no population base to support it. They are bringing people in from other states to fill them or trying to train people within the population with some small successes.

This lack of progress within industry and the politics is the reason my kids got their education elsewhere and left. Their father and I were big proponents of getting an education then expanding your horizons.

I will soon follow. There is no reason for me stay here much longer and no real ties. So I will begin my next chapter of development in January by going back to training. I will finish in a few years then plan my departure.

I used to think moving to another country was the answer but realized this past year that it wouldn’t make a difference.

You can change policy but can’t change people.

Hate, racism, chauvinism, sexism, ageism, and bias are a people problem, a world wide people problem.

Maybe one day it will change but most likely not in my lifetime, the next generation possibly, there’s still hope.

Have a good rest of the week.

Stay motivated.

Stay positive.

Keep your head up.

Keep the hope, faith, and belief alive.

Stay strong.


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