Random Musings

The new normal.


It has been 9 months since my city went into a semi-quarantine mode due to COVID-19. 

In the beginning weeks it was almost a ghost town here after 6 pm.

There were no people out and about unless they were getting essentials. Most businesses were operating with only their essential workers.

The Spring break that never ended.

Now, as I go out and about to do my basic shopping there are more and more people out. Even more so as the holiday season approaches. 

I still see people not wearing masks, not social distancing, and still holding large gatherings.

At what point during this crisis event will people take it seriously?

I see whole groups of families crowding into restaurants and stores with no masks to include children.  

As a mother to four children, it makes me sad to see other parents not taking the safety, health, and well-being of their children into consideration.  

They appear to only be concerned with themselves and what they want or need. This is just my observation and opinion though. I do not know what these people are really thinking or going through.

Then I have my own parents, who are well into their 70’s, going about their daily life, like nothing is wrong.

My mother keeps telling me they are wearing their masks, but they are still going all over the place into crowded restaurants and stores where there is no social distancing or mandatory masks required.

I am concerned it is just a matter of time for them. I pray that they are kept safe from harm. My sisters and their families are in that same mindset.

People out in the rest of the world see us as not taking this seriously.  The media continues to inundate with pictures and videos of people defying the requests to wear masks, social distance, and limit travel within the communities.  This has become our new normal.

Not all of us are like that and are gravely concerned with our outcome. The numbers infected and the death rate climbs daily.  

If the media wants to make a bigger impact, then show the bodies of the dead, those in the hospital beds, and interview those families. That is the only way to show the gravity of the situation.

Numbers and colors on a map are not making a difference here.  

The American public will not believe it unless they see it. Just like in wars of the past, the dead bodies make the most lasting image of what is going on. As horrific as that sounds, it is true.

At the beginning of this, I was worried about my kids due to them living throughout the country, but they took it seriously and stayed home.  They are sensible and reasonable. They are logical and pragmatic when it comes to their health and well-being. That, I am grateful for.

I try to do my part by wearing a mask when I go out. Only attending my physical therapy, getting gas for my vehicle, or buying food.  I do not go out and about to just shop or just to be out.

I guess all those memes of being socially awkward introverts where true.  I was already self-quarantining, and there was not much difference when the pandemic began. The scarcity of essential items during the beginning worried me the most, but it rose then fell back to normal.  

As I sit here this morning, writing or trying to continue writing this, the only thoughts in my mind are how will things be after this? 

People keep saying that they want things to go back to “Normal”.  What is that and why do they think it was so great? 

I was born and raised here in the United States, and I personally could care less to go back to the way things were here prior to the pandemic.

I am a minority female and things were not that great for me.

I was stuck in low paying jobs that used my talents to other people’s advantage. My work made others look good and they got the promotions and raises. 

Once my usefulness was done, so was I.  Suddenly being deemed as not worth keeping around anymore.  I was labeled as no longer a “Team Player” and pushed out.

Frozen out from the conversations and meetings, my hours cut, or duties beyond my capabilities thrust upon me, knowing that I would not be able to complete them.  Any reason or excuse to let me go.

I knew all of this was happening and most of the time I would just walk away. Other times I fought back.  Either way the situation never changed from one work environment to another.  The frustration of going through this same scenario for years after my military retirement, just made me angrier and more depressed.

The wave of depression went to extreme lows and I finally started bouncing back around 3 years ago. I started realizing my own worth and started slowly building back up my self-esteem. 

I started increasing my knowledge and skills to make myself invaluable to others.  I knew when to push back people who were just trying to use me.  I started standing my ground more, whether I lost my position or not, it did not matter.  I know who I am.  I know what I bring to the table. I made my voice heard.

Then everything came to a halt when I had surgery 7 months ago. I am in recovery mode now and learning new things.  Mostly about how I am an impatient person and need to slow down. 

This also occurred at the same time when the issue of racial and political division among my fellow citizens was at the forefront along with the pandemic.  

It showed me the true self of others that I walk along with in this world and in my community.

It showed to me that people do not handle their own weaknesses and faults well. When pushed came to shove their worlds started falling apart and they were scared.  

The quote from Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Is applicable to what we are seeing daily here.  The people who are angry and yelling the loudest are the ones that grew up believing in the so-called “American Dream”.

That if you work hard enough that you will be rewarded later.  Yet what they failed to realize was that it also required some effort beyond just doing your job.  If you become stagnant and stay in place you will not thrive or grow into your potential. If you do not save your money for a rainy day, then you will drown when the flood comes.  

We were not expecting this to happen all at once, but we should have been preparing for the worst-case scenario.  The people we elected or kept re-electing to those positions of leadership and responsibility did not prepare either. After all the natural and man-made disasters endured throughout our history we were not prepared.

The fault lies with all of us as citizens within this country. We did not keep the government accountable to their actions and turned a blind eye.

As we move forward into the winter months with talks about another surge of the virus, there is still the ongoing political and social divisions. Our future is still as uncertain as it was in January when the pandemic began.

The only thing we can do is keep surviving every day the best way we can.

Take care of one another and help if we can.

Remember that we are humanity, and that hope still exists even in the darkest of times.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Have a great week!

Take care and be safe out there.

Peace, love, happiness, and good vibes to you always!