Early morning

Early morning by Suzanne Allen

We brought you here 6 years ago.
I was nervous to let you grow.

You’ve had adventure and lots of fun.
Under the hot Texas sun.

College gave you perspective and taught you well.
You grew tall as a person but my baby girl still.

I am so proud of the person you became.
Now it’s time to bring you home for a short while again.

Onto your next adventure, this time on another coastline.
Don’t worry, things will settle in time.

You made your little family, grew another branch on our family tree.
No time or distance will divide it, this I see.

It’s time for more change and something new.
Don’t be nervous, we will all see you through.

Pride can never convey.
The happiness I feel for you today.

Time to get up and get the day going.
A new day is dawning, this early morning.